Controlling a servo using bluetooth

I have a simple project at school. I need to control the speed of a servo wirelessly via Bluetooth.
I am done with the controlling of the speed part. And i just need to disconnect the microcontroller from my laptop and be able to control it with a Bluetooth shield. I have no idea how to do it. Please enlighten me. Thanks a lot!

Do you have a bluetooth module?

Dear young* friend,

help us help you and be more specific about what you want:

on the arduino side: do you have a bluetooth shield (excellent tutorials galore) or a bluetooth module (lots of info available) ? on the other side: what connects to your arduino? A laptop, a mobile phone running android, another arduino ?

Google will help with phrases like "controlling arduino with android" or "connect arduino to laptop with bluetooth"



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I have a slave bluetooth module that is connected to the Arduino. I also have purchased a master bluetooth. I just need to control it wirelessly using a laptop. Are there any codes for it?

I already search for it in the Google but I still can't do it.

Please help me. Thanks!

I already search for it in the Google but I still can't do it.

If the "it" you searched for was "Dolphins Chearleaders posing nude", then I'm not surprised you can't do "it" (whatever it is).

If you searched for something else, perhaps you could elaborate on what the two "it"s are.

You can't do something with one bluetooth device. You can't so something with mysterious bluetooth devices. If you want help, you'll tell us which bluetooth device you have, and how it is connected to the Arduino.