Controlling a simple toy car with Arduino Mini 05 or similar.

Hi, I would like to make a experiment with a toy car, the car have a 130 Mabuchi motor and are using a coil system for the steering.

I need to find a way to control the coil and how to make the power go in different directions to steer left and right and how to control the motor.

Where to start? I am searching an example of controlling a coil with Arduino

Any help is appreciated.

The device you need to control the force & direction of a solenoid is the same device you need to control the speed & direction of a DC motor. It's an H-Bridge. For a full-size Arduino like an UNO you would typically use a Motor Control Shield. For an Arduino Mini you can't use a standard shield so you should probably look for a breakout board.

You need to determine the voltage and current requirements of your devices so you can pick an appropriate H-Bridge.