controlling a sn74hc174 clk pin with arduino


i was look on how to send a clk signal from arduino to a 74hc174 D Type Flip Flop.

Set a digital pin to OUTPUT in setup() (pinMode(pin, OUTPUT); and set the pin LOW (digitalWrite(pin, LOW);. Then, since the clock is triggered on a positive edge use digitalWrite(pin, HIGH); to send a positive edge, then DigitalWrite(pin, LOW); when you want to clock the data out.

There's nothing special, its another logic signal just like all the other inputs.

it says on the datasheet that the clock signal is 0 min and 25mhz max. so does it not matter what the clock is as long as it is within the range

If that is a question, then right. The digital write high then low will be well over the minimum pulse width and under the maximum frequency.