Controlling a solenoid valve with arduno + blueetooth on cell phone

The retraction and extension of a hydraulic cylinder that has a position sensor and a solenoid valve 4/3 controlled by a solenoid and returns by spring must be controlled from the cell phone. The cell phone must have 2 control buttons: extension and retraction and must visulizar if the valves are on and the position of the cylinder. I think that the Bluetoth Electronics App is used here ... I need help to help me configure it with the valve but with bluetooth I do not know

int Relay1 = 2; int Relay2 = 7 int Relay3 = 8; int Relay4 = 10; char BluetoothData;

void setup() { pinMode (Relay1, OUTPUT); pinMode (Relay2, OUTPUT); pinMode (Relay3, OUTPUT); pinMode (Relay4, OUTPUT); Serial.begin (9600);


void loop() { if (Serial.available ()){ BluetoothData =;

if (BluetoothData == 'A') { digitalWrite(Relay1,1); digitalWrite(Relay4,1); } if(BluetoothData == 'a'){ digitalWrite(Relay1,0); digitalWrite(Relay4,0); } if(BluetoothData == 'B'){ digitalWrite(Relay1,1); digitalWrite(Relay3,1); } if(BluetoothData == 'b'){ digitalWrite(Relay1,0); digitalWrite(Relay3,0); } if(BluetoothData == 'C'){ digitalWrite(Relay2,1); digitalWrite(Relay3,1); } if(BluetoothData == 'c'){ digitalWrite(Relay2,0); digitalWrite(Relay3,0); } } }

i think there is something else i need to put