Controlling a Speed Control Unit

I have a conveyor belt machine that I am wanting to control. Here is the switch


The interface has an ON/OFF switch and a 0-100 speed knob. My question is how can I hook up the arduino to control ON/OFF from the computer? Any ideas or direction will be very helpful, thanks!

A relay?

If You could get hold of the schematics for that controller it had been nice.
Check up the motor! 90W 110 volt can be handled.

Hi @oraclemachine,

Definitely post a schematic if you can, or maybe a picture. If the on/off switch is locking, you can keep it set to on, and add a relay to the main power wire to switch it on and off from an Arduino.

@kgray9 @Railroader

On the motor it says:
90W 1.26A 1554r/min
110V 60/Hz 18uF/250V

But I can't find any thing about this motor or controller online.

Who services your equipment when it breaks?

We fix it when needed, this machine is not in use.

Can You focus on the motor only? How many cables are there between the motor and the controller?


There is a connector from the speed controller to the motor.
6 wires from the controller, and 5 from the motor. Red/black go to the front of the motor, other 3
( white blue yellow ) go to the back. People mentioned using a relay, a 2 relay module would have 6 pins, but not sure if a relay would be needed or best. The purpose is to the control the motor using arduino, start/stop the motor at certain time intervals, and maybe change the speed too (but right now I only care about starting and stopping the motor).

Thanks. Hmmm. There could be anything in those 5 cables. Guesses will be uncertain and give You headace.
My suggestion is to use a relay module and just switch the unit on or off.
I suppose number one is using the machine, not use it as a toy for an Arduino project.

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