Controlling Actuonix PQ12-P linear actuator


I have an Actuonix PQ12-P linear actuator that i want to control with my Arduino.

It is sent all of the way out by applying voltage over 2 of its pins, and retracted by reversing the polarity. its position can be monitored through the actuators' potentiometer but i do not need position feedback.

How can I switch the polarity from a power supply using an arduino to make it go back and forth? i'm not really sure where to start.

the actuator in question:

You need a h-bridge such as are commonly used to control DC motors. Make sure to choose one that can provide the current required by your actuator


Hi Nick1992

Just wanted to mention quickly that it's important to either monitor the actuator's position using the feedback functionality or install external end-limit switches. P series actuators do not have internal limit switches or stall protection and applying power even for a short time after the actuator has reached it's end limit can drastically reduce the life of the device.

PQ12-R series servos found here: are intended for use with arduino/RC as they have the same 3-wire connector as a rotary servo as well as stall protection.

Hope this helps you.