Controlling an 24V wiper engine with arduino

I just have a small question.

i want to control an 24V wiper engine with an arduino uno, but i have no idea how i can change the 5V from the arduino into the 24V, which are needed.

thanks upfront for your responses and suggestions

If you just need ON/OFF control you could use a relay. An Arduino can probably control a solid state relay directly but it cannot output enough current for an electro-mechanical relay. You would need a transistor between the Arduino and the relay coil.

A wiper motor will draw a large current so you need to take that into account.

If you need speed control you will have to find a suitable motor driver. If you need it to go forwards and reverse you will need a h-bridge. Again, you will need a driver of h-bridge that can comfortably deal with the voltage and the current.


H-bridges like below might be a solution.

Thanks for the quick response

At the moment i just need an ON/OFF function, so i just have to search for the right transistor.

Maybe the motordrive will be needed later, but thanks a lot guys :slight_smile: