Controlling an ADC hydraulic valve

ok so I have a rexroth hydraulic valve that is controlled by 0-10v+ and 0-10v- for the movements in either direction and speed.

the machine controller puts out 0-10v+ for speed but no negative

so what i am looking for is if anyone has done this before and if so would you use an op amp like lm358n? or what?

i have the +-10v power supply (alternating direct current)

and have ordered 2X unos 5X lm358n 2X uno proto sheilds and i have any caps or resistors anyone could possibly need

so whats everyones thoughts? once solved will post entire write up on how its done so if anyone needs it will be available

Thanks again

You can buy Arduino - compatible DAC modules with -10 to 10 V output.

Otherwise, there are plenty of op amp circuits on line that will convert a unipolar 0-5V output to bipolar -10 to +10V. Example

Unfortunately, most Arduinos lack a DAC, so that op amp circuit won't help much.

sorry i did also order two dac breakouts for arduino which dac would you suggest?

You'll need a +/-10V or +/-12V DC supply to power a DAC. See DAC08, figure 29 in datasheet, DAC10 figure 13 in datasheet, both available at in DIP form factor. Might need a +/-10V or +/12V op amp to follow the DAC to get a +/-10V swing.

what data sheet is that for?

Hi, Can you post links to specs/data of the Rexroth valve/controller please?

Thanks.. Tom.. :)