Controlling an Adjustable LED Strip with ZX Sensor

Hi everyone :)

I have a few questions about controlling LED Strips with gestures. I would like to build a tube lamp that lays on a table or floor and you can hover your hand above it to control certain parameters such as brightness and color temperature. The closer you move your hand to the lamp the less bright it gets. If you move your hand to one end of the lamp the color temp gets cold and on the other end of the lamp its gets warm. At least thats how i imagine it :)

I have done a few try outs with the neopixels, that worked just fine, although i have not used a seperate power supply in this case.

I am planning to use a gesture/distance sensor by sparkfun ( ) connected to an Arduino Nano. Just recently i have found these LED Strips with adjustable color temperature.

Can somebody explain to me how to vary the temperature and how to dim the brightness of those?

Which LED strips can be controlled by an arduino?

Whats the best way to control these led strips. Ive seen something about LED amplifiers, RGB shields for the arduino uno and relays. Im a little confused.

Thanks for your help!