Controlling an Eltako S12-200 teleruptor


in my house I used the Eltako Teleruptor S12-200 for switching lights on/off. This works with all the buttons around the house, and now I would like to do some home automation using arduino. The teleruptor is switched using a 24V AC pulse. I would prefer not to use a relay, because basically the teleruptor is already one and then it would be yet another click, plus I don't think a mechanical relay is the ideal way to generate a pulse. What would be the best way to generate this pulse?

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I can't find good information through google - is this relay a bistable one or does the coil have to be continuously energised to switch?

According to the information on it is bistable, and even optimized for in house use as it does not use any power whatsoever when not switched. Now in my house I already use simple pushbuttons that generate just a pulse on closure, and they are fed by a 24 VAC transfo. So basically I could use a relay to simulate this push button, but I don't like relays because it is only 24VAC, does not consume much power, and I have 54 of them... so 54 relays is a little to much.

So basically the question is: I have a 24VAC transfo output. Which is the schema needed to switch this on and off for a duration of about 50 to 250 ms so that it simulates a push on the button, but with components that make it is to have 54 of them...

Ah, that's clear. Opto triacs would be ideal I think - DC input to switch AC output.

Hi Mark,

I also came to that conclusion last night when I went in some google search on switching 24VAC. There also they made the suggestion for an opto triac, which is a component I didn't knew, but it seems indeed the correct thing for the job. I will order a few and build me a test setup with some optotriacs and the teleruptors.

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