Controlling an ESC (+ petentiometer, button, LEDs)


I'm making an underwater hand-held water ski. I'm going to be using a brushless motor & ESC. I don't have all the components yet, and I also need some advice on arduino. I have never used an Arduino, so I will need some help. So far I've only programmed html, but that is useless here. I'm watching some tutorials online. I will also need help with code later on. English is not my first language, so there will be some grammar & spelling mistakes. What I wish arduino would control: - variable speed (using a potentiometer) - turning motor on/off with a button (potentiometer controls throttle) with a "soft start" (for example potentiometer will have throttle at 80% and I don't want that motor will go immediately at 80% I want it to gradually start (3sec.) ) - 1 power LED - 1 Stop LED ( I will have a 2x LiPo battery monitor with a buzzer (I want to connect buzzer connections to arduino, so when batteries are low, arduino will disable motor and turn Stop LED on.))

I'm going to be using: - Motor: - ESC: Turnigy AquaStar Monster 240A - 2x 5s Lipo (series)

So does Arduino UNO have enough connections or do I need Mega 2560.

Will these components do the job: - Arduino UNO - 2x LED - Potentiometer 10k linear - 2x 150 ohm resistor for LEDs -1x 10k ohm resistor for button - Momentary switch - cat 5 cable -2s battery for arduino

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

Uno has 2 serial + 12 digital + 6 analog (the analog can be used as digital too) so yes it should have enough connections. Servo library and one pin needed to control the ESC.