controlling android phone using auduino sensors

i want to control a android phone using a ir sensor. it is like a moving screen in my phone when ir sensors detects my hand. Is there any drivers/ software to do that?

It’s pretty easy to interface an Android with an Arduino using Bluetooth.

You’ll need a program on the Arduino to read the IR sensor you want to use and then have it send the data to the Android over a Bluetooth connection. You’ll also need a program on the Android to receive the data and take whatever actions you want the phone to take.

I think the HC-05 Bluetooth modules work well.

thank u very much for your reply now i have some idea how to proceed with this.

i actually checked for the android software/program to get the values via Bluetooth. i found some apps but these apps are used to make phone /pc to control another phone via bluetooth but i can't find any apps which works for arduino board. would anyone suggest me any softwares/programs to do this.