Controlling arduino & circuit using vb6/.net/or any other software screen/form

Hey everybody,

I'am a newbie to arduino and C/C#, but I did just complete a few projects using the arduino starter kit's book..

So far its cool and everything,

But I now want to know how to control my arduino board using an external program preferably .net or vb6 (which I'am good at) and if someone can give some good tutorials it will be much appreciated :)

Basically I wanna know how to turn on a led using a command button.

If someone can give both the vb and arduino sketch to do something like that, it will be really helpful

Thanks in advance :)

This demo illustrates PC - Arduino communication using Python. The general approach will be the same with any language.

This has come up in the Forum before so do a bit of searching with Google.


I was able to get to work for me. No need to change the Arduino sketch.

I simplified the C# code to just a textbox and displaying the strings received from the Arduino in the textbox.

Thank you but I watched this video and understood how to do this..

:) 8)