controlling arduino from windows Phone with bluetooth

Hi there. I saw techbitar's ardudroid on instractubles and thought about making a windowsphone version of it. Now i have some time to do this, and i finished my windows phone app that has three sections, send on off to digital pins, send 0-255 values to analog pins and send/receive strings to and from arduino. I have arduino uno, and the so the app is for. I want to share screenshots of my app, to learn suggestions from you guys. I am planning to post it to store in a week. Have a good day, hope you like my project.!848&cid=1CFDE93507C680F9&group=0#id=1CFDE93507C680F9!10510&cid=1CFDE93507C680F9&group=0

This is onedrive link of screenshots.

Hi there. I finished my windows phone app, ArduLumia, it now can be found on windows phone store. And here is a link of a video that i recorded. Enjoy.