Controlling Arduino using iPhone

Hi guys

Im still learning how to use the Arduino. I was thinking my next step is to learn something about wireless control. I thought about my iPhone would be a nice controller for various projects - Robots for example. But I have no idea how to do this. I read about TouchOSC. Is this the solution? What does it require? What do you suggest?

Thanks! :-)

Bluetooth is the answer. There is a bluetooth module for arduino called HC 05. Check if there is any app for bluetooth terminal on iphone, on android there are many.

I'm pretty sure that the iPhone will NOT communicate with the HC05 or HC06 Bluetooth modules

Newer iPhones I.e iPhone 4S or newer will communicate with Bluetooth Low Energy modules, but the HC05 or HC06 are not BLE

Wow that's sad. That's one of the reasons I don't like Apple stuff :~

The iPhone is a very closed platform.

It has bluetooth capability but its locked down by apple and only mega companies who pay apple $$$$ for licenses are allowed to comminicate with the normal bluetooth

BLE doesn’t have these restrictions, but AFIK at the moment there inst much BLE hardware around for enthusiasts.
There was a Kickstarter project which was supposed to be making a cost effective Arduino compatible BLE module, but last time I looked it had not delivered (and I’m not sure if it ever will ;-(

Thanks! I did -not- know about this limitation with iPhones!!

(how sad).. I really like the HC-05 BT modules! they are only a couple dollars (USD).. and are dead simple to use!

Its a shame those iDevice people cant take advantage of this!

That app looks like it requires the Arduino to have a cabled Ethernet connection to a local wifi router and the app connects via wifi, or possibly it connects via wifi though a router. it was hard to tell from the video and the website link to the support site seems to take you to an unrelated product

If your iphone is web enabled, you could set your arduino up as a web server and control it via a web page on the iphone.