Controlling arduino via HTML?

Hi guys,

I’m trying to work out my final year project where I will make a website to control an arduino board via wifi, I am using the CC3000 Wifi shield. What are your suggestions on how to make this happen? I’m currently looking at Thingspeak (, but i’m not sure if its possible to send data FROM Thingspeak TO the Arduino?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Have a look at my Arduino web server home automation system at The source code is available to download in the PUBLIC folder of the application SD card.

You can build an Arduino web server application that provides a full display and input user interface if you have Ethernet functionality. Don't expect to draw nice graph results with an Arduino processor.

Having an SD card to store data is very useful.

You will need an SD card with at 8KB of RAM and 256KB flask memory to build anything substantial.


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This guy also has some rather good HTML->Arduino Server code as well. Marco Schwartz has a very good package well worth a look. Rob