Controlling Arduino with an Arduino over WiFi

Dear Techy people,

I am a newbie to Arduino, but I want it for a project.

The idea:
Controlling AdaFruit LED panels with wireless Arduinos from a central point.

This means the setup would be as following:
4 AdaFruit LED panels
5 Wireless Arduinos

  • 4 to control the LED panels and receive the signal to go a certain color
  • 1 to control the Arduinos

Is there any way this is possible?

I have little experience in programming an Arduino, any help is highly appreciated :wink:

What is a "Wireless Arduino"?

Nowadays, to use WiFi, you use an ESP8266, not an "Arduino" as such.

Also, you need to mention which Adafruit LED panel you mean. Adafruit makes a lot of things!

Obviously, this is perfectly do-able - you are wanting to be given the code ready. :grinning: