Controlling Arduino with Android


I want to make an Android(Samsung Galaxy) controlled robot with Arduino. Is it possible to connect arduino to a mobile phone via USB (without bluetooth) ?

If possible, can anybody please suggest me which Arduino board is best suited for this purpose. Actually cost of arduino board with bluetooth doesn't fit in my buget, thats why i avoided bluetooth. So i prefer arduino board with low cost suited for this purpose (just a mobile controlled robot car). What all other parts (like servo motors) needed/best for the same ?

Some reading material

BT modules for arduino are ~$40 for the cheap and ~$60 for the expensive. Also, look at

What about Arduino BT ? Is that sufficient for this purpose. But the problem is it's costly. Please suggest me any cost effective alternative for Arduino BT. I am pretty new to robotics so please suggest me other components needed for a mobile phone controlled car(it must have a good speed also).

Anyway thanks for the reply.

Just use an Uno (~$35) and a Bluetooth Mate Silver ($35). You can use a simple H-bridge shield with 5 volt motors (I think robotshop has some half/half/differential drive gearboxes). Arduino can also serve a servo output, if you'd like to use an ESC from an RC car with a servo for steering.

The Arduino ADK has USB host, or you can use a USB host shield.

In one of my projects involving Android, I used a homemade version of the "Kelly Wu" board.

Another option, which I describe, along with BT, USB and Ethernet in my book, is to use the sound output of your Android device as a kind of acoustic modem, connected to the Arduino.

The book is 'Arduino + Android Projects for the Evil Genius'. It should be out in a couple of weeks.

With bluetooth shield or usb-otg cable (soon) you can use ArduinoCommander android app -