Controlling Arduino with Bluetooth Phone

I do not have the Arduino Bluetooth Board. I have the Arduino Decimilli USB board. I was wondering if there was a bluetooth shield or way I can control the arduino from my blackberry curve. The only way I can think of controlling the board is having my arduino board hooked up to my computer all the time, send the bluetooth single to my computer (its a Mac Book Pro), then have that go through the USB cable to control the arduino.

I really don’t want to do it this way. I would like to do it without using my computer as the middle man.

Sparkfun do a Bluetooth modem which can be connected to the arduino using RS232 type serial.

It uses the serial port profile (SPP). Does your phone support SPP?


My blackberry curve says it supports serial port profiles. So is the product from sparkfun in the above mentioned link what I need. And how exactly do I go about controlling arduino from the blue tooth phone

I was thinking about making a web page that has various buttons on it that control the in my case DC motors that are connected to the Arduino. When a button is clicked on the web page I guess it sends out a bluetooth signle to turn the motors on. If anyone has any other ideas let me know! Thanks :slight_smile:

I think you’re going to have to write a java app to run on the blackberry (if it runs java).

I believe someone round here has done something like this with a Nokia N70.