Controlling arduino with cell phone

Hi chaps,

I recently made some research about the possibility to connect my AVR development board (Equipped with a Uart Bluetooth module) to my cheap NOKIA 5000. Due to the fact that my mobile phone supports Java and Bluetooth I decided to search for a java based Bluetooth Terminal Software. While browsing the Internet I did not find any Java J2ME based application which can act as a Bluetooth Terminal (like HyperTerminal). I have decided to develop this Software myself and now I have released version 1.0 of my Cell phone Bluetooth Terminal Software called BTTerm.

BTTerm Features:

  • Java J2ME application works on almost any mobile phone with Java.
  • User input by a textbox or directly in the Terminal by using the phone keyboard.
  • Tested with Bluesmirf and BTM-222 Bluetooth modules.

I’m doing something similar Except sending commands from phone through web browser to web server which has bluetooth connection with arduino.

Im working on a similar goal, except that I am working by sending an sms from my cell to a private twitter feed which is retrieved by a shell script on a computer and xbee'd to the arduino.

I finally got mine working last night. The bluetooth is finicky and signal doesn’t reach very far indoors. I get user web browser input via php write a character to text file, have a python script running in the background with open serial connection to arduino. Python reads the text file sending the character in the text file and then deleting it. It’s run in a loop constantly scanning the txt file for a new char. Works good.

last night at the bar a friend had a new IPhone that has the Safari web brouser in it. I was able to operate my pan/tilt web cam (below) using it. The frame rate was only ~1fps (current frames are ~11kb in size), but might be able to make the image have a smaller overall size for cell phone use. Just using a servo controller connected to the computer with out an arduino.

Hi All Another newbe here and not very technical. I would like to be able to send data from my Arduino over a through away cell phone remotely- That is, I call the cell phone and a circuit initiates printing of eeprom stored data. I have seen users send sms and short messages but not eeprom data. Any ideas? Thanks

Does anyone know where i can get the BTTerm software? Doesnt matter if its free. I just need to get it on my cell phone for a highschool project

You can find btterm here:

Good luck with your project, let us know how it goes,