controlling arduino with vb app over ethernet

Hi every one, it's my first post here !
I'm still begginer, but i've a project that is really important, I WANT TO CONTROL ARDUINO OVER ETHERNET

I want to make a robot that can be controled from a app over ethernet ( using ethernet sheild ), but i don't know any thing about programming the ethernet shield or how to make it get commands from VB app.

i'll be controlling at least 4 brushless motors and 2 servos ... each one of the brushless motors must be controlled alone with a value from 0 ( stop ) to 100 ( max ) from the vb app, and each servo rin when i press their button , so it's simpler to say that Iwant to send command to arduino throgh ethernet.
so please help

Note:I know how to control all of this from the arduino, but not over te ethernet .

Use udp. The examples are on the ide or online.

Have you tried any of the ethernet web server code examples?