controlling ax-18a

Hello guys, im in a hurry to make a project, i must controll AX-18A servos with an arduino mega 2560.I'm new to this and any information could be usefull for me, i have seen a similar project with arduino and AX-12A but i dont know if i can use the same wiring and the same libraries. If anyone want to contact me, my e-mail is I hope that i could have some so desperated and time is pushing me :(

Have you tried using the forum search box in the upper right of this page to search for those types of servos?

I messed up the hole google, i find only some informations about ax-12a, i made a search in forum too, i found only 1 same subject with no replies :( well maybe few ppl use ax-18a, but my tutor gave me those servos so i have no option...

Seems to be several post. The various Dynamixel servos probably use the same control protocol and hardware.