Controlling BLDC 5KW Motor 48V

Hello, i wanna built an elektric scooter. i wanna use a 5KW 48V BLDC Motor. for controlling the speed i wanna use a potenciometer. i wannt the moter to opperate in three different modes - fast, normal and economic. also i wanna have a dicplay, that shows the battery status. whene i turn the potenciometer, i want the speed to go up, wenn i turn it back, iwant the motor in neutural, so that the scooter keeps rolling.

my question is... is this possible with an ardoino and the motor control in the link below? an do i need the motor control or can i built my owne hardeware. iam an mecanical engineur but ardoino is fearly new to me... iam willing to learn though.

the linke shows also the motor and on the botom of the side u can see the wirering.

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grettings from germany

I wanna some more information to help you. Is it possible probably but this is only a guess. Start with a rough schematic, not a frizzy drawing showing the interconnections of all the parts including power and ground. Include links to each hardware part showing pertinent technical information. How it operates is controlled by the software you intend to write. The wiring in the picture is of no relevance at this point.

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5kW suggests a moped-style scooter.

The 5kW driver shown there has all the control interfaces, including throttle potentiometer interface, and has some programming features.

I'd give up on trying to make your own hardware at this power level. I'd also be fairly
worried about how safe/reliable that controller is - Golden Motor are a well known brand that have been around a long time and presumably sell a lot of hardware in
China, but whether its products meet your country's safety engineering requirements I have no idea.

The 5kW controller mentions its direct torque control, which is probably what you mean
when talking about "so that the scooter keeps rolling" - idle throttle = zero torque.

You can interface to such controllers by emulating the throttle pot, but then you take
on responsibility for implementing safety cut-outs (normally a controller like this will
detect any one-wire fault with the pot and cut-out automatically).

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Thank u Mark, this is very helpfull!

i was thinking, that the motor is to big to make my own... i found only tutorials on making esc for smaler motors.

just for my understanding... if i emulate the throttle port i could control the motor via arduino using my own code?

sorry if this dosent make sens. iam totaly new to this.

anyways, mutch thanks!

So i have one more quick question.

would the following setup than work?

Motor 48V:

5 KW BLDC Motor Air Cooled - Golden Motor - Canada and USA

Controler 48V:

VECTOR 300 Series Brushless Motor Controller (5 kW Motors) - Golden Motor - Canada & USA

thank u!

Oh, i forgot... and this Battery

Lithium-Ionen Akku 48V 50Ah 2400Wh Akkupack incl. 60A BMS & Ladegerät für E-Bike Scooter Pedelec: Sport & Freizeit


I believe so - for instance their wiring diagram:
shows them both as far as I can make out.

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