Controlling Brushless DC motor with hall monitors using driver board

I have already purchase a 24vdc motor as well as what i believe to be the correct brushless dc motor driver. Im looking for some clarification on how to hook it up as well as a program i can use to get me started

I have attached pictures of the set up i am trying to use. I have searched all over for schematics on how to hook this up to the driver and arduino and the labels on the board itself seem pretty straight forward but the more i read the more confused i get. i am looking for some clarification i know i need to hook the three phases of the motor to mA, mB, mC and the hall monitors to hA, hB, hC as well as the 5v and grnd from the motor. VCC is external 24v power. i am unclear as to what to connect to the SET terminals. I know these are the connections from the arduino but i have read that these need to be connected to PWM?? Anyways i am quite confused, if anyone could give me some clarification on how to hook this up that would be a big help

Also if you know of any firmware i could use as a baseline to control direction and speed of this motor that would be awesome. Thanks for all the help!!!

Brushless DC motor driver

24vdc Brushless motor

You have no documentation at all on the controller?

Here are a few screenshots of the documentation that i received