Controlling car instrument cluster

I need a bit of advice for a project i would like to run.

I need to control the RPM and the Vehicle speed of the VAN instrument cluster via an Arduino.
The arduino will use the analog signal coming from the engine rpm sensor and the car vehicle speed sensor.
Is this possible ? Can it be done relatively easily ? And what external board will i need ?

Car analog signal ----> arduino ----> VAN Instrument cluster

I've seen people hacking their car on youtube, they control everything from the windows to the lights and instrument cluster, but i dont know how.

Thank you very much for your help

If this is a modern car the instrument cluster will be on can bus and the gauges driven by stepper motors , so not at all straight forward .
Not aware of any sensors for speed or rpm which give an analog signal

What are you actually doing ? Trying to use an instrument pod from a different car on your car or using the instrument pod as part of a stand alone game ??

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You could post the make and model of your vehicle, not all instrument clusters work on CAN. Several manufacturers use their own proprietary protocol. This varies by year and model.

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Thank your for your response.
The car is a 2002 Citroën Xsara.
Im use to software such as autodata which let me go trough electric diagrams, the instruments cluster is wired for 12v and VAN only.

The car is a mountain race car and ita modified so the original ECU has been replaced with a speeduino ECU. The Instruments cluster doesn't receive rpm/vehicle speed anymore because these can message are sent from the ECU.

The RPM signal and Vehicle speed are sending square signal 0-5v (not sure for the speed sensor because i have never worked on it)

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