Controlling continuous servo's

Hello people,

I need some help with a project of mine. I have build a smalll robot that can drive around using 2 continuous servo's. The servo's are connected to tracks, so when both servo's rotate forward the robot drives forward. If the left servo goes forward and right goes backwards it turns right etc. Really basic.

My problem is that i want to make this robot remote controlled(ps3 controller or RC-car remote). Is there anyway to make it so the left analog stick on a ps3 controller rotates the left servo and the right analog stick rotates the right servo? this way i could fully control the car with just the 2 analog sticks.

I know i will need to pair the ps3 remote via a bluetooth module(wich i have). I'm still new at this stuff and am having alot of trouble figuring this out.

Thanks in advance!


Here's something to start with, perhaps:,137747.0.html

Also (mentioned in the above):

That may be enough to get you going, at least...

Hey thanks for your post it helped me alot with the coding part.

The problem i'm having now however is to make this work using a Arduino nano. Can i wire the nano into that Host shield just like the arduino mega used in the first link you provided?

The robot i need to control is very small so the Mega wont fit it.

Thanks in advance!