Controlling Current Input UNO

Hey all, I have a question regarding current input for an Arduino Uno. My project is simple. I would like to run addressable LED lights under my cubbards in the kitchen. I want to use one 5v power supply for Arduino and 5v LEDs. I am comfortable calculating total current consumption but I have a question about how the Arduino will handle current (amps) from the power supply while LEDs are off during the day or while not in use. How is current divided between Arduino and what else is connected to the project? I don't want to overload/overheat my Arduino while there is leftover current the project isn't using. Do I need some sort of power supply divider? Are there recommendations for certain types of power supplies to handle this? Please forgive my lack of knowledge as I do know this is somewhat of an elementary concept of electricity but I would like a specific answer to my problem so I can use this concept for general understanding. Thank you for taking the time to respond.

WIsterson: Do I need some sort of power supply divider?

No, you just need to supply it with the correct voltage and the current will look after itself.

However, if you are supplying it from the "Vin" input then you'll need more than 5 volts.