Controlling DC motors using Arduino Uno

I bought from Amazon a kit with 4 DC motors to make a robot. This is the link.

Now, I do not know how to make the DC motors work... I consulted this guide without result. How can I make those motors work without any damage to the Arduino?
Thank you

How can I make those motors work without any damage to the Arduino?

Get a motor shield.

Thank you. There isn't any other option? Anyway, I am buying it.

There ARE other options, but they all use the same components on the motor shield. So, you can choose to buy all the components and solder them together yourself. Or, you can choose to buy a motor shield, and get on with the project.

Hello there!

I have used this motor shield from Pololu for some time now with great success. There is plenty of documentation on how to operate the motor controllers from an Arduino or other microcontrollers, as well as some sample codes on how to organize the signals from the microcontroller. The shield can only control two motors, so if you want four independent motors each moving at different speeds and/or directions, you will have to buy two.

You can also look into an L293D chip, which can also control two motors each, but is much smaller in size and less expensive.

Thank you, everyone. I have bought this. Was it a good choice?

If it works, then yes.

I did some googling and found this article from Adafruit that may help you set up the shield, as well as indicate what pins control what motor and such.

Thank you all, it worked!