Controlling Delta ac servo driver from CN1 port with Arduino

I currently have a Delta ASDA-A2 servo drive.
-Arduino does not have a sample application to talk to delta servo drives. At least I couldn't find it even though I searched.

how can i connect only CN1 port to arduino.
I want to turn the DI (DI1-DI8) pins on the servo driver on and off via the digital output pins of the arduino.
for example servo on-off

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Do You any tecnical documentation of the interface? What voltage, what current are we talking about?

The technical document is here, but according to its technical document, it says that it can be triggered with 24V, but I want to on-off the servo with the normal arduino digital output pin.

For the manual to be useful, you need to tell us the exact model type.

Paul_KD7HB Delta asda-A2-1521-M driver.

Looks to me like you are stuck using their CANopen control device. Sorry.

mr.paul I don't quite understand what you mean.
Currently I am using Digital input pins using relay over CN1 Connector.

Well, I guess you can replace the relay with a MOSFET. What have you got connected right now and how well is it working? Are you monitoring any of the fault condition pins?
What are you actually trying to do? Build your own controller?