controlling ESC with keyboard commands

Hello everyone, I am brand spanking new to arduino so i'm looking for someone who can help me with a project i'm working on. I am working on a new robotic submarine concept and I am solid with mechanical engineering and design but not so much with electronics. Basically what I need is this: I have five brushless motors with five ESC's I would like to be able to press a key to activate one or two motors at time in either clockwise or ccw to move the ROV through the water.

Does anyone have experience with ROV's or similar ESC commands who would like to help me write some code?

Any help is very appreciated!

An ESC is usually controlled just like a servo. Create an instance of the Servo class for each ESC. Connect the Servo instances to the pins that the ESCs are attached to.

Use Servo::write() or Servo::writeMicroseconds() to make the ESC move.

Something to remember about ESC's. Many of them give less power in reverse then they do in the forward direction. This should be easy to work around in a water craft, but something to remember if you witness strange turning.