controlling existing hardware with an Arduino

HI all, i am looking at the arduino to assist in a project that i am undertaking, however this is my first experience with the hardware and i couldn't find the answer to my question on youtube and other sources. i am looking to connect an arduino to an electric gate mechanism, with the input being provided by a computer. i didnt want to bypass all of the smarts built into the hardware already, i.e. limit recognition and emergency stop mechanisms so i was thinking of hooking the arduino up one of the Gate's remote controls so that the button can be configured to fire when given a command from the computer. is this possible to achieve? is so, how would i go about it? or would i be better off trying a different route.

Sounds reasonable.

hooking the arduino up one of the Gate's remote controls

What kind of control do you require?

the only control I need is to be able to press the close and open buttons (this might actually only be one button)

The Arduino could control a small relay that could be connected your switch(s).

Is the switch N.O or N.C. ?

Why is the Arduino needed?

the switch is NO. the arduino is needed because I am setting up a remote observatory, and I need a mechanism to open the roof from another city. the best option I could come up with was controlling a computer via virtual desktop, which would be connected to an arduino that could trigger the Gate/Roof mechanism (among other things).