Controlling Fan using temperature LM35

Hello, I have done for wiring the fan and arduino. First I try use fan with power 5V from arduino, and the temperature goes high. But when I use fan with external power, the temperature goes normal. What should I do if I want to use the fan that connect with 5V from the arduino to get normal temperature?

I'm sorry but my crystal ball is out of order at the moment. Because of that I have not clue about how your wired your project, what kind of fan you're using, what sketch you used for the tests, etc. Because it will need some time until my ball will be back, would you be so kind to tell us all the information we need to help you?

connect common grounds?

What I should connect with ground?

The ground of the Arduino should be connected to the Ground of the power supply of the FAN.

NO, I dont want to use power supply. Just fan and arduino only.

Arduino cannot deliver the power for a fan (or only for a short time).
20mA per pin is MAXIMUM.

Oh! Like that. Ok thank you