Controlling Four 2-Wire Vex 393 Motors

I am trying to independently control four 2-wire VEX 393 motors with an Arduino Uno R3. These motors are rated at 7.2 volts with a stall current of 4.8 amps.

I have an Adafruit MotorShield v1, which I thought would have met my needs with the 4 motor channels. However, the current specifications of 600 mA or 1.2 A peak per motor of the shield is too low for the motors.

I am looking for an Arduino shield that can drive the 4 Vex motors. I would prefer a 4 motor channel, however, a stackable dual motor channel may work fine as well.

Thanks in advance for any help!

There are very few shields that can handle the 4.8 ampere stall current of those motors. However, this one, or others of the Pololu line that can handle more than 5 amperes peak will work fine.