Controlling Garage Port 433Mhz

This is my first post to the forum, I have been trying to find a way to controll my garage port using an arduino and a 433Mhz receiver and transistor. I have succesfully built a RF sniffer and I have got the code I need. It's a code that consists out of 52 bits (1 or 0) which is repeated as long as I press the button on my remote. I found out the code using this method.

Now he says you should only get the first 24 bits of the code and you will be able to controll it. I can't however use his code because he uses VERA and I want to use it as a pure arduino program.
My purpose is Sending the code frome my arduino with a 433 Mhz transmitter when I press a button, what is the best way I could realize this? I tried some ways already but since I don't know how to progral that well and since I don't know how these radio's work it didn't work.

Thanks in advance for your help!
Reds Duty

Are you certain that your garage door remote sends the same code every time?

Most don't, they use a "rolling code" to prevent thieves from doing just what you are.

I checked again and you are right, however the first 32 bits are always the same..
It's smart they implemented a system like that... But how do those cheap chinese copy things work then??

How is this rolling code generated and would it be possible to work around it...
I am testing these things to get them working in my home automation system using domoticz, but I wanted to test them first with a simple program before getting me in trouble

It sounds like your opener uses Keeloq. It is a reasonably secure code.

Do you know that those "cheap chinese copy things" actually work?

That does indeed sound rather difficult to work around.
I don't know if those chinese things work, but I do know that our remotes have been replaced with ones from another brand to our original ones... It could be that they were flashed to work with them though... I guess I could also use an optocoupler to simulate the button press one one of the remotes...
Thanks for your help!
Reds Duty