Controlling Hydraulic Cylinder Solenoids

I’m looking for help I want to control 12 hydraulic cylinders independently by using relays to switch the 12v power to solenoid. I’m having trouble finding double pole double throw relay boards for the arduino on amazon. Is there maybe a better way to go about it. Any suggestions would be fantastic.

Can You make a simple drawing of the relay function You need? I’m not sure I understand You properly.

You would be better buying quality relays which will operate these solenoids - the hobby boards for Arduino are often not up to the job of driving inductive loads .

Why not use N-channel MOSFETs to sink current thru the solenoid coils to energize them?

Having a mechanical thing to control another mechanical thing is silly.

Especially when you need a transistor to control the relay to start.

Just have the transistor control the solenoid coil.

Post a link to the solenoid/cylinder, we can suggest a transistor.

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Can you post the spec/data of your hydraulic cylinders and the control valve/solenoid please?

Thanks.. Tom... :slight_smile: