Controlling IC1903 strip with arduino

I just bought an addressable LED strip that uses the TM1903 chip. The strip only has 3 cables: Vin, GND and DI. I connected Vin and GND to the 12V power source and the DI and GND to the arduino. I don't know how to send the 24bit signal to the strip in order to control it. Can anybody help?

Here's the chip: And this is the strip:

The chip that I need to control works at 800kHz or 400kHz. Each cycle can be divided into 3 parts: if the first 2 parts have high voltage then the controller "reads" a '1', if only the first part has high voltage then the controller "reads" a '0'. If all parts have low voltage, the controller resets. So I guess that I need the arduino to output a signal at 1.2MHz. Can it even do that?