Controlling Insteon devices with arLCD (Uno based)

Hey everyone this is my first forum post here so sorry if this is in the wrong section. I made a little project where I take the arLCD and use it to feed commands to an Insteon PowerLinc Modem in order to control a lamp on the other side of the room. If you want to see a video of it here's a link to it.

Any suggestions on how I can improve this project or just comments in general are appreciated. This is really my first useful project I've done with arduino so I kind of wanted to show everyone :grin:

Very neat. I have been wanting to work with Insteon for a while. I still need to invest in the modem and get started on the code.

Thanks! Yeah the code is a bit tricky just because the Insteon devices are really time dependent. So sometimes when I added a delay somewhere it would speed up the processing of the commands and make the light respond faster.