Controlling LCD with mux


I have brought this 20x4 LCD: and am trying to get it to work with this 4:16 mux: . I am able to control other thinks like LEDs, read the value from at potentiometer and turn on a laser. But I have big trouple in controlling my LCD. I have been trying to modify the LiquidCrystal library so that I would change the mux-port just before each digitalwrite within this library and even tried with a delay in between. All with no luck. I have been searching google (a lot!) just cant seem to find any ideas.

Any ideas? please help.

By Jonas

There are 8 data lines in parallel, you can't multiplex them. To save a digital pin, probably you can try to switch a mode of LCD to 4 data bits, check doc if it's supported by controller of the LCD.

You can use as few as 6 pins to control that display. Or if you get a serial back pack, just 2 pins. Sparkfun sells such backpack. Just in case you're interested, I also have a serial LCD keypad panel with much more functions than sparkfun. You can get the back pack version since you already have the display.

Thank you guys! So that is why people seem to use a shift register.. I think I will give the siftreg a try, since it is the cheapest :D