Controlling LEDs with a vibration sensor..

Is this possible ( and if so, any help is appreciated!)

I want to get a vibration sensor to control the on/off state of LED strips, mainly I want to hook it up inside my bass cabinet so when I play a note on my bass guitar, the LED lights turn on or off, and if also possible, a brightness level based on the vibration as well.

I know that the Strips will need an outside power source already.

Any ideas where to begin? Kinda new at this arduino thing.

If the cabinet vibrates a lot, a simple piezo sensor would probably work. Get one out of just about any piece of junked electronics that gives (or gave) off a beep. Google "arduino piezo sensor" to learn how to hook it up.

Alternatives that would give a vibration level would be a cheap electret microphone with a low pass RC filter or an accelerometer.

Just look at the many many projects that control LED strips. These normally use a pot to control the brightness. You replace the pot with your vibration sensor.