controlling LEDs with guitar sound live project

I am very new at arduino and micro-controllers, but I'm wondering what hardware i wound need to make a (preferably) stand alone micro-controller that has an (1/4 inch) electric guitar input. It could take the the guitar input and use that to control 3 different colors of LEDs (by frequency, amplitude, or a combination of both). Then some how send to the sound out to a guitar amp. The LED's reaction doesn't have to prefect, I'd just be happy to have any LED reaction

I understand software a lot better than software, but I wouldn't mind being pointed in the right direction for reference of know to do what I'm trying to do in arduino. I have tried googling and have looked at other projects and I'm still not sure what exactly i need and I wanted to make sure i get the right materials.

Oh i meant I understand software a lot better than hardware.

Well, let me describe exactly what i have. I have a regular electric guitar with clear pick-guard so you can see all the guts. I have 3 colors of Leds that I just want to mix inside react in any way to live sound.

I googled arduino fft and that was very helpful, but I'm still unsure of the hardware i would need.

The arduino fft projects i saw focused more on the programing, but I'm just not sure what micro-controller to get and other hardware. I've very new at this and I don't know the vocabulary of hardware at all so I'm not sure what to google. If you know of a similar project to what I'm going for that explains the hardware I would love a link. I just want to make sure I buy all the right stuff before i buy it

"you would be better advised to take some sort of line-level (or even speaker level) signal from the guitar amp than trying to use the output directly from the guitar pickup"

Would I be able to still get sound from my amp while it sends out to the mico-controller?

yeah the guitar just has 3 pickups, controls and connector with no internal amplifier. no battery at all and out-put

but yeah all this all has helped me a lot, thanks!

"I would still rather use tuned filters and lamp drivers like the old traditional "color organ" gadgets that were popular decades ago." yeah, i think this is what i was going for

after googling, i wonder if i can just incorporate this inside the guitar, after I isolate the sound

I should "tap" into the sound just right before it goes out to 1/4 plug right?

so correct me if I'm wrong I need just high-impedance buffer amplifier plus all the for the FFT parts for the project, and you would recommend an arduino micocontroller?

alright, thanks for all the help