Controlling lights and sound

Hi all. I'm very much a newbie at electronic stuff, but I've got a somewhat elaborate project I'm working through. I'm trying to use an arduino uno chip to control the brightness of some EL wire. EL wire takes a separate inverter with its own power source, and because of that, I'm not really sure how to wire the arduino into the setup. It also runs on 12V instead of the 9V the arduino uses.

I'd also like the arduino to play sound via a small speaker. I have managed to get it to play the sound on its own, but I believe the speaker must also need its own power source because it's incredibly quiet.

Finally (and this part's not required - just part of the "ultimate project" if it's possible), I'd like it to be able to be turned on with a motion sensor. After it's on the sensor doesn't have to do anything, just start it going.

I need help figuring out if this is even possible with an uno chip, and if so, how do I hook in the wire with its power source and the speaker with its power source.

Thanks in advance for your help!

A simple Google search of "Arduino el wire" brought up plenty of other posts and tutorials on using EL wire with an Arduino.

As far as the speaker goes, you'll need an amplifier if you want it to be louder. Amplifiers are pretty much project #1 in any introduction to electrical circuits class and there has got to be thousands of tutorials on the internet for them.