Controlling light's color and sound using brainwaves?

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Forgive me as I'm new to this and trying to learn all I can but, some guidance would be so appreciated..

I am working on my senior thesis (BFA Industrial Design). I am creating a chandelier that will use light, color, and sound to urge altered states of consciousness and perceptual shifts.

I want someone to wear a biosensor and through the "emotional data," brainwaves and heartbeat; the chandelier will change color and sound in order to induce a meditative state.

I would like to use a projector but if that limits the ability of the software.. then I can change to LEDs.

I know this is quite abstract, but any advice or guidance of where to go from here is appreciated.

Thank you!

Do you have any idea what the sensor needs to detect or how it might do it ?

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I would like the sensor to detect emotion-related data.

I would like it to detect brainwaves as the purpose is to induce a form of ecstasis which is Alpha/Theta waves.
For example, if it was detected that a person is currently in Beta waves 25 Hz, the color of the light would change to blues and the sound frequency playing would go from 25Hz to 8-13.9Hz into 4-7.9HZ (Theta)

I'm not sure how the detection happens-that's what I'm looking for.

Below are other things that could be detected for "emotion-data" but, I don't think are 100% necessary..

Heart rate variability, ( I've heard of PPG sensors but am not committed to it)
Electrodermal responses (EDR) through a galvanic skin response sensor (GSR)
Skin Temperature sensor

Idealistically. I would like to detect mood and emotions and transmute them to positive and contemplative states. But,,,, could be far fetched with the limits I have.

You need to research what is used to measure brain activity and how you can reproduce it , that would be a good place to start .

I would have thought Arduino would not feature in it .
Be aware too that connecting things electrical to people is a specialised area , you don’t want a fault to zap someone

Measuring brain waves as such is I believe a rather well established thing. It still does require the victimpatient to be wearing funny hats of sorts.

The whole "wiring up" part is likely to affect the emotional state of the wearer, you should take that into account as well.

Have you googled

arduino brainwave sensor

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The whole "wiring up" part is likely to affect the emotional state of the wearer, you should take that into account as well.

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