controlling lights


I am not new to processing, but have no experience with hardware components.

So I want to control lights (colors and position would be great) using arduino or wiring.

Which board to choose? How can I control lights? Can i use a DMX controllable light with these boards?

Also please suggest me some controllable light source, I want to display lot's of different colors, and motors would be also great. I want to create a relaxing room with slow motions etc.., so power (watt) should be low.

Can i use a DMX controllable light with these boards?


What sort of lights are these, it makes a huge difference as to how you wire them up.

Thanks, this looks good.

I am thinking about buying a cheaper LED source...similar to the one below.

Usually they have this kind of info: master-slave DMX512, 4-6 channels

This one is:

  1. RGB control mode
  2. Red
  3. Green
  4. Blue
  5. Speed
  6. Dimmer

So I either need to create my own DMX shield or something and connect it to arduino, or buy one. Does anyone have information where to buy one? There are some places ( )

but that isn't really cheap...

I can put together things, so I might want only the board, or board with resistorc etc without assembled.