Controlling lots of dc motors

Hi all, I am building a robot that requires 5-15 dc motor, some ultrasonic sensors, a camera, (esp32), a Bluetooth attachment and a few servo motors. I am a absolute beginner at this so please keep things as simple as possible. The majority of the motors will be in a repeated patter except for a few which drive and steer the robot.
How do I connect this many and to a Arduino uno, mega or something else?

Good question but I cannot answer it as you do not really define your problem. It appears you bought a bunch of neet parts and are now trying to create a project to use them. Post a preliminary block diagram and a preliminary schematic, not a frizzy thing showing interconnections. Post links to the technical details on each item as to what it requires. How is this going to be powered, by a tether or a battery? You need to determine what I/O you need and what processor will do the job for you. If you want to pay somebody to do this for you can but I will not burn my time with this many unknowns. A definition of the project would also help, the environment, etc.

Learn how to control 1 motor. First you need the specifications of the motor. That is the rated supply voltage and the stall current. Then you find a proper driver for the motor. A simple transistor for a motor that turns in only one direction or a H bridge for a motor that runs forward and reverse. Do not be tempted by the cheap L293 and L298 drivers. Choose modern drivers like those offered by Pololu.

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