Controlling Max! radiator thermostats with arduino or ESP


I'm sorry if i ask stupid questions but i am new to this.

I have a few MAX! radiator thermostats. They are connected to a MAX! Cube and i can control the MAX! cube via a raspberry pi.

This works but the MAX! cube looses all its configuration multiple times a year. When it does i need to reconnect all thermostats before it will work again. I think this is a common problem.

I have read that i can make my own CUL with an arduino and a CC1101 868mhz transceiver.
I have followed some tutorials and i think i have flashed an arduino with nanoCUL (V 1.67 nanoCUL868) but now i have no idea how to connect to the radiator thermostats. I was following the tutorials and i thought it would be explained but i feel that every CUL is being used to work with Pimatic or something like that.

I don't want to use it, i want to control them myself (read radiator temperature and set a radiator temperature).

Is this even possible without something like pimatic? I was hoping to use an ESP32 with wifi to set and read more radiator thermostats but i am not sure if this is possible.

All the help is welcome and if you need more information i am happy to give.

Used tutorials: