Controlling micro servos with an MQ6 gas sensor


I'm working on a project that as its name says, its about controlling micro servos with a MQ6 gas sensor. My only problem is that I am still learning how to program with Arduino, so I wanted to see if I could get some help to program the CO2 for whenever I got a high amount of gas in the air, the servos would move.

if (gasLevel > highLevel) moveServoBack()
if (gasLevel < lowLevel) moveServoForth()

That's how you tell the Arduino to move a servo back and forth based on the gas level.

Do two separate (at first) lines of experimentation. Get the arduino to control the servo motors according to an input signal. Look at the built-in-to-the-IDE example found at the IDE's File menu at Examples>Servo>Knob for a starting point. Then read up on the MQ6. Fancy-up the MQ6's output, and feed it into the servo as per the Knob sketch. After you get it working at the basic level, you can start making it better.