controlling Miga NanoMuscle

Hello, I hope everyone isn’t in a food coma after yesterday.

First off, I’m pretty much a newbie here. So if you think I’m in the wrong forum, or I am not being clear enough please let me know. Thanks.

I am trying to control a Miga NanoMuscle ( using my Arduino FIO. I have a opamp set up to run a pin buffer ( The signal is being sent through pin 13 of the FIO to pin 3 of the opamp. The script seems to be working fine, since the pin 13 led is going on and off as intended. However, I’m not getting any response from the NanoMuscle. As far as I can tell, the circuit is set up right as well. But I’ve posted pics if you’d like to look yourself. Let me know if there’s something I’m not showing and I’ll post more. I’ve also pasted the sketch below. Thanks!


int contractPin = 13;

void setup() {
pinMode(contractPin, OUTPUT); //set the digital pin as output


void loop() {

digitalWrite(contractPin, HIGH);// extend if the condition is true

digitalWrite(contractPin, LOW);// contract if the condition is false


2011-11-25 12.07.16.jpg

2011-11-25 12.07.55.jpg

2011-11-25 12.08.08.jpg

You are not going to get the current you need from that simple op amp.

They have a whole board with what appears to be transistors for driving it.

NanoMuscle RS-70-CE 1131: Electrical Specifications Operating voltage range: 2.5 – 6.4V Nominal voltage range: 4.5 – 6.0V Hold current for full-rated torque: 68 mA (@4.5V), 52 mA (@6.0V)

NanoMuscle 70G is even higher- 410-470mA.