Controlling Motor Diriver with Arduino

I have this stepper motor/driver and I would like to be able to control it thru arduino. Here is the spec sheet of the motor/Driver:

The motor is all the way at the bottom of the page: 34MD1

The inputs are as follows: - CLOCK+ - CLOCK- - DIRECTION+ - DIRECTION- - ON/OFF+ - ON/OFF-

I know that I can turn pins on the arduino HI or LOW to communicate with the driver, but I have no idea what thw motor inputs are.

Can anybody help?


That controller has opto-isolators on its inputs, wire the (-) connections to Arduino ground and the (+) ones to relevant pins - the controller needs a few mA and 3.5 to 8.6V so it'll work fine at 5V.

Thanks. So what will the arduino output be for the positive clock? is the clock what tells the motor how far to go? can I use the stepper library with this motor/driver combo?