controlling motor with transistor

I have a little dc motor, I want to control it by turning on and off a transistor but there are a lots of model and brands so I don't know what to buy, I want to use a general purpose n-channel mosfet, could you suggest me some model?

The working voltage of my motor is: 3v-12v and the current 70mA-250mA

Thank you in advance!

I am able to solder and do that a lot, but not good.
Therefore I use this cheap MOSFET module:

You may want to try the IRF520 MOSFET alone.

I did achieve 17.18m/s (38.4mph) radial speed with that MOSFET and a powerful DC motor:

Although the run with my previous motor mentioned in that thread ended with a melted Lipo (bodmer calculated 1.7A used(!) for the first motor) it was an insightful run:
The maximal radial speed I ever achieved with second motor in many many runs and L293D motor controller was 14.37m/s, but on the one melting Lipo run same motor showed 15.95m/s which confirms what I read here in forum elsewhere, that MOSFET motor controllers are preferable and that L293D reduces voltage by 1.4-2V.


thank you it seems a good transistor!