controlling motors

I'm not sure if this is in the right place but I was wondering if it is possible to control motors with Arduino microcontrollers, as it does not say anything about motors on the description. I am new to robotics so i do not know very much, help is appreciated

It won't drive most motors directly, but have a look here under "Physical/Mechanical"

It is possible to control motors. Both stepper motors, DC motors and servos can be contrrolled.

Steppermotors and DC motors requires some extra circutry to be driven from Arduino, because Arduino pins can't source enough current to drive them. small servos can as far as i recall be driven directly.

Check the play ground for examples for how to interface alle above mentioned motors, or google.

You can drive big servos directly, too, but motors should always be on a separate power supply to keep the electrical noise they generate from getting into the Arduino power bus and causing unpleasant surprises.

Just make sure that the grounds of the two power supplies are connected together with a nice fat wire. This goes double if you're running a DC motor or stepper, because the transistors or ICs controlling the motor are probably going to be wired to the Arduino's ground for convenience.


Check out Lady Ada's motor shield.

Have used it on a couple bots now with great success.

Thanks BRuTuS, I think that's what i will do